Converting To Other File Types

Certainly you can distribute your SVG files as they are, but the best way is to compile all of them (one piece of music that is) into one PDF file.

Batik has several options to begin with. In the file menu of Squiggle (Batik) you will find:

Do not use this. It only creates a screen shot conversion, which is inadequate for these files. You need to use the command line, which includes a PDF option.

At the command line 'cd' to the Batik folder, then enter:

java -jar batik-rasterizer.jar -m application/pdf -bg -dpi 300 C:/folder/nameOfFile.svg

where -m is the file type you want; -bg is the background (the default is transparent); -dpi is dots per inch; and the address of the file to be converted. Other options are available. Batik will not, however, concatenate multiple files into one PDF.

There are a number of programs available that can combine multiple files into one. I use the command line version of PDFtk. A GUI version is available also. In addition to this, you may edit:

plus many more options.

Here is a PDF sample.

Here  is a full SVG sample, useing the system library, for people with SVG compliant browsers.